I have a dilemma. It is a relatively inconsequential dilemma for most people, but it is freaking me out.

I am tired as fuck. Seriously. I am so tired right now. 


I’m way behind on my Nano word count

I have two options:

One - Go to sleep and hope that I can wake up early and blast my word count for tomorrow, and write enough extra to cover what I’ve missed today.

Two - Keep writing, despite how tired I am, and feel good about reaching my word count.

The problem with One is that I’m going out tomorrow, so that’ll cut down on the time I have to write, and it’ll probably make me even more tired this time tomorrow, so I’ll likely fall even more behind on my word count, and then I’ll fall into some pit of despair over falling behind. Especially because this is the start of week 2, and I struggle enough with week 2 of Nano as it is, without falling behind this early. 

The problem with Two is that I am seriously fucking tired. And I don’t mean “Oh, I’m kinda tired. Maybe I should take a nap”. I mean “I am so tired I could fall asleep right now and sleep for the next fifty years”. 


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